Solar Eclipse


A solar eclipse is one of the biggest wonders that our planet offers us. It is an event that pretty much everyone would want to pay attention to, but did you know that staring directly at a solar eclipse can be very dangerous? People that think just because a solar eclipse involves the sun being a little darker than it usually is then it is safe to look at it, but the radiation that extends outwards from the sun is still present. Why then do you need to look at it? Can you use welding goggles to view a solar eclipse?

Indeed, you could potentially cause permanent damage to your eyes if you stare at a solar eclipse with the naked eye. A lot of people think that you can wear sunglasses instead. It is important that you realize that sunglasses aren’t going to do much to help you either. Indeed they could potentially cause vast amounts of damage as well because you might end up looking at the solar eclipse for an even longer period thinking that your eyes are now protected from the potential damage that the sun could end up causing it.