The moon has always been our nighttime guardian. It has been a source of poetry and music. We tend to make art about the moon because it seems so mysterious as it illuminates the night sky. Hence, it is fair to say that humanity has for centuries been asking the question: how long will it take to get to the moon? After all, when you see something as enchanting as the moon, you want to get as close to it as possible. Well, the answer to that question is a bit more complicated than you think.

The Distance We’d Have to Travel

To start with, we need to know how far away the moon is. If you try to calculate this, you will immediately begin to see why ascertaining the amount of time it would take to reach the moon is so difficult. This is because the distance of the Moon from the Earth tends to change according to its position in orbit. The lunar orbit isn’t a perfect circle. It’s elliptical which means that sometimes the moon is further away than at other points, this is actually what causes the tides because when the moon is closer, its gravity begins to impact the Earth’s oceans and pull them away from the shore.