Astronomy Links

Learn how the Hubble Space Telescope works and search for Hubble photos in the gallery.

NASA Homepage
Link to photos, astronomy news, and educational resources.

GRIN: Great Images in NASA
Easily search by subject for the best NASA photographs.

NASA Science
All about the physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and other sciences NASA studies.

NASA Human Space Flight
Go behind the scenes in the space shuttles and space stations to see how astronauts live in space.

NASA History
A searchable site on the history of NASA.

An interactive site for younger children.

NASA Mars Exploration Program
Learn all about the recent and planned missions to the red planet.

NASA PlanetQuest
Focusing on the hunt for extrasolar planets.

Astronomy Magazine
Read today’s astronomy news, use TheSky Online to create a starchart for tonight, and visit the photo gallery.

Sky & Telescope Magazine
Read astronomy news, print monthly sky charts, and get stargazing advice.

Hubble Deep Field Multimedia Journey
Amazing graphics of Hubble’s search through the universe. To run this, you need a flash plugin, at least a pentium II cpu, and speakers.

Planetscapes – Views of the Solar System
A multimedia astronomy adventure with lots of fun facts on all the planets and other solar system objects.

The Messier Catalog
Learn about Charles Messier’s catalog of interesting deep sky objects, including galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

Windows to the Universe
Lots of photos and information on space and earth science.

Keck Observatory
Website of the telescopes on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Kitt Peak Observatory
Website of the observatory located near Tucson, Arizona.

Lick Observatory
Website of the telescope on Mt. Hamilton, California.

Palomar Observatory
Website of the historical telescope near San Diego, California.

National Solar Observatory
Website of the NSO, located in Sunspot, New Mexico.

European Southern Observatory
Website for the telescopes in Chile.

Arecibo Observatory
Website of the radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

SOHO: Exploring the Sun
Website of the solar observatory in orbit, with lots of information on solar science.

Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
Website of the orbiting observatory.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Website of the JPL, with updates on current missions.

Goddard Space Flight Center
Website of the GSFC, with updates on current missions.

Ames Research Center
Website of Ames, with updates on current missions.

Fleischmann Planetarium
Website of the local Reno, Nevada planetarium and science center.

The Hubble Telescope: Shedding Light on the Universe
Lots of great information about the Hubble Space Telescope. Site recommended by a young StarTeach user!

A View of Outer Space From Your Window
Kid-friendly resources about the solar system, stars, planets, and exploration. Site recommended by a young StarTeach user named Mary!

Blinding Light: A Guide to the Sun
Lots of information about the sun and how people have viewed it through history. Site recommended by a young StarTeach user named Michael!