About StarTeach

What IS the StarTeach Astronomy Education Program?

StarTeach Astronomy Education is a multimedia web-based astronomy education program designed especially for K-12 students and their teachers. The primary goal of the program is to aid in the classroom instruction of astronomy by providing a multimedia supplement that is available to schools with internet capability. In addition, it can also be used as research material for individual students.

Astronomy is an important and exciting subject that is perfect for classroom science study. It encompasses many diverse scientific fields, such as physics, chemistry, geology, and environmental science. Young students are intrigued by the vast nature of the universe, so astronomy is a logical tool to utilize in order to teach students about these other scientific fields. StarTeach is designed with students in mind: the text is simple and non-technical, but accurately describes the complex workings of the universe. The web site has been successfully implemented in fourth through eighth grade classes, and it is also appropriate for high school science courses.

The StarTeach Astronomy Education Program was created by Leslie Welser when she was a graduate student in the University of Nevada, Reno Physics Department. StarTeach has been recently updated to include topics for more advanced readers.